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Renovation at Christ Church

We are in an exciting time at Christ Church. We have been developing plans for our church renovation that will allow all people of all mobilities to be able to access worship and social events. We want each person's experience to be lovely and gracious, so we are not just meeting minimum needs but instead making all routes through our spaces be inviting.

Latest News

On December 4th our architect joined us to present the plans for making our space hospitable and holy. As we have been running a skeleton crew through most of COVID, we have been able to spend more time thinking about good stewardship of the space. The building is perhaps our most critical asset for mission. We want people inside, using it. We want it to be easy to use. We want every body, with every kind of movement, to experience a warm welcome.

Here are the slides from that presentation for your perusal.

You can also view the 90 minute presentation from last Sunday, with our architect present below:






We will be giving you a week to consider these materials and ask questions. Next week, we will be sending out a survey to ask your opinion on the ramp design and placement on the front of the church. Voting will be open for three days. We will send reminder e-mails.

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