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Parking & Transportation

We are pleased to announce that Christ Church will have limited Sunday parking again. 

The builders south of us have arranged for us to park a single line of cars on Brooklyn from 47th street to the end of the church property.  Drive north on Brooklyn Ave NE from NE 45th St.  The orange bollards will be moved by 9:40am.  You will park, exit your car, and get a hanging parking pass from an usher.  You will return and place it in your car for the remainder of the service.  There is no end time limit on the pass.  Passes may be returned to ushers, Parish Administrator mailbox in the volunteer office, or the mailbox slot in the chapel door along NE 47th St. 

We hope that people who have trouble walking, families with young children, and those who cannot get to church in any way other than driving will know they are prioritized! 

If the costs of transportation or mobility issues are preventing you from attending, please reach out to us at and we can help figure out a way to get you here.

Other Ways to Get to Christ Church

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Light Rail

Christ Church is the closest Episcopal church to a Sound Transit Link light rail stop, less than two blocks away from the U-District stop.  One-way fares range from $2.25 to $3.50, depending on how far you travel.  Exit the station anywhere on Brooklyn Ave, and head north to cross 45th Ave.  You’ll see Christ Church on your right as you approach 47th Ave.

Free parking is available at the Northgate station every day, or at the UW Station (by the stadium) on Saturday afternoons and Sundays.


The U-District is well-serviced with bus routes from throughout Seattle and beyond, with stops less than a block away from the church.  King County Metro Trip Planner can help you find the routes and connections you’ll need to travel from your home.

Street Parking

Street parking is free on Sundays, and reasonably priced through the rest of the week.  It may take some time to find parking, especially when other churches in the area are having services, but we’ve had luck in the following places:

  • Brooklyn Ave, north of 50th

  • 12th Ave, north of 47th

  • 11th Ave, north of 45th

  • 47th St, between Brooklyn and 11th


Parking Lots

Paid and free lots are available within a few blocks of the church.  Parking on UW campus is free on Saturday afternoons and Sundays, and there are large lots, though the walk is longer than some other options.  Shorter walks are available if you park at the following places:

  • Brooklyn Ave, just south of 50th

  • 11th Ave, just north of 45th

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