Covid Precautions

We are glad you are here to join us for worship. Your safety and the safety of the Christ Church Community is paramount for us during this time of continued pandemic. We are following what science tells us are precautions that work to keep us all safe. Right now, Christ Church has implemented the following precautions:

Masks are Required

We also strongly recommend upgrading your mask to a KN95 or an N95 as these provide far superior filtration. We have a large supply of N95 masks for you to have if you need or want one.


Attestation and Vaccination are Required for 12 and older

We require all people entering the church building to sign an attestation form stating that one does not have Covid symptoms, nor are they Covid positive. There is also now a requirement for people 12 and older to be vaccinated. Of course if you cannot for a medical reason, we understand that and will not turn you away. But, for all others, vaccines are our best means to reduce severity and slow spread of the virus.


Air Movement and Filtration

We have upgraded our HVAC system to provide significantly increased air circulation. Additionally we have added HEPA level filtration as well as UV scrubbers that sanitize the air in the sanctuary.


Social Distancing

The altar rail is marked off to facilitate social distancing.


Hand Sanitizer Readily Available

Throughout the sanctuary you will find hand sanitizer for your use. We encourage you to make frequent use, especially before and after touching your face and mask and before eating or drinking.


Testing for the Preacher

The only person who will remove their mask during the service will be the preacher. The sermon is the portion of the service where there is no written and visual corollary. So, it is important for people to be able to hear the preacher clearly and lip reading is essential for many. It is our policy that because of this, the preacher will take a rapid antigen test the morning of the service to ensure they are not infected with Covid to ensure the safety of everyone.


Altered Passing of the Peace

We are suspending the traditional hug or handshake when passing the people. Instead we recommend a bow, a wave, a peace sign, or any other way to communicate peace to someone without physically touching.


Not Passing the Plate

There is a plate in the back of the church where you may place a donation—thank you!—before or after the service.


Altered Communion Practices

We are distributing communion in one kind only—the bread. The Common Cup simply does not have enough scientific evidence to make it safe right now, so we are not sharing it at this time. We are also asking that after you receive your bread, you return to your pew before reverently consuming. The clergy will be sanitizing their hands frequently both during the prayer over the bread and wine and before, during, and after, distributing communion.


No Congregating Inside

After the service you are invited to greet the clergy and one another outside at the bottom of the steps.